Perfect function and form

Our philosophy

Individual design affects humans. Changing beliefs about life, think about yourself. A good project in our understanding is the space that corresponds to the life style and manners, of human nature.  Feeling that all chosen specifically for him. Stylish and organized Interior, landscape or House, there is reason to feel happy. For us, design is comfort and vice versa, both of these factors are of importance in the life of a successful person.

Our approach

Any project of our Bureau is being developed in cooperation with the client. Each element of the project, designed by us corresponds to the wishes of the customer. Whatever it was, we professional perform any intended before us the task of thinking through all the details. The client can be sure of: a beautiful stylish object that was created especially for him in the Office VA-necessarily qualitative, practical and very thoughtful decision.



Our work is our way of life. For each person, “VA” creates a completely individual projects.

Every employee at the BUREAU of ARCHITECTURE and DESIGN of the “VOVCHYK ARCHITECTURE” has a proper portfolio of architect-Designer. The free creative thought we continually adding proven practice knowledge with an absolute reference to the customer. Even if we know from the client, that will be the best way, it still does not polìnuêmos′ show alternative, smìle decision, which clearly shows how object can look different. “VA” is not looking for easy ways, “VA” is looking for ideal results.

Vovchyk Robert

Architect-designer, VA architectural bureau founder

Vovchyk Andriana

Architect-designer, co-founder of VA architectural bureau

Petechel Bohdan


Tsmokanych Ivan


Berchak Ivan

Engineer, technical documentation expert