Individual project home, whether residential or business, this is an opportunity for a person to create a space that meets his needs and abilities. The Bureau of architecture and design, VA, we appreciate the individuality of our clients, because it allows us to create unique objects. We design, comfortable and high-quality environment for man.


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Progress does not stand still

In terms of the development of the service sector and the emergence of new technologies, each of us puts forth higher requirements for their environment. This natural course of evolution. The construction industry goes up with time, trying to meet the high demands of today’s consumer. However, together with the development of the construction industry is growing and its pernicious influence on the environment. Moreover, this effect is due not only to the rapidly increasing number of buildings, but their rolls, without which the already difficult to imagine modern, comfortable building.

Modern technology in architecture

Today, the technology must be cardinally changed alter our lives. Modern building technologies will help make the House more energy efficient and economically appropriate, intelligent systems allow to optimize practically everything, but modern technology allows to realize the wildest shapes and ideas.

Architecture – numb music.
I.V. Gete
The base architecture is not concrete and steel, and the elements that make up the frame. Its basis is a mira
Daniel Libeskind