Gabion installation from VA-Buro

VA-Buro provides services of installation of Panel fences systems. The availability of modern technology, a reliable tool and professional experts gives an opportunity to carry out installation of the highest quality in the shortest possible time.

Under your order we manufacture gabions of all sizes and types.

Thanks to the content of the stone gabions have exclusive noise canceling properties.

In the manufacture of only natural materials – stone and metal.

In price terms, gabions are favorably profitable to walls of concrete or stone.


Gabion construction is a new word in the fence for your area. Gabions have long used for strengthening slopes of the mountains and the shores of rivers, but to date they have found applications in civil construction. Gabions is the real Klondike ideas for designers who are looking for new and interesting solutions in landscape design.


Gabion strengthening of slopes of the mountains, the riverbanks as compared to using other retaining constructions has a lot of advantages: it can provide any necessary form. Also due to its flexibility of gabions slightly deforms in the movements of the soil, thus not violated the integrity of the design; gabions are characterized by long term operation-their life can be up to 100 years; Thanks to its special structure of such designs well pass the water, as well as through them germinate the plants. That is, they become an integral part of the landscape; to strengthen shores and slopes not required preparatory work, the installation process is simple and doesn’t take a lot of time; gabions are resistant to corrosive; gabions are safe from an environmental point of view: they do not impact negatively on the environment because they are made from natural materials.


The use of gabions in landscape design is dictated by the necessity of creating an area of unique reliefs. Thanks to this easy and at the same time durable designs designers create on equal parts of the hills and hollows that use then to install the flower gardens and artificial ponds with waterfalls.


Gabions have extremely large carrying capacity, so you can use them in major construction as a main or envelope. Often the gabions are used in the construction of garages, outbuildings or arbors, i.e. facilities that do not require heating, but also used gabions and for the construction of the warm space, in this case the inner wall is built with heat isolation and external, of protective and decorative gabions.