In our time, a man needed the contact with nature. This is an opportunity to rest and to nosoloditis′ the beauty of the changing seasons, since sit in or spend the evening in a pleasant company. That is why we strive to become the owners of farmstead home and a piece of land. To make life in your own 800 maximum pleasant and comfortable, you must surround our home harmonious and beautiful landscape.
The plot is always the continuation of House, Ensemble, so we love to design complex. However, often the person zadumuêt′sâ about mastering the area after the construction of the main buildings. And in this case we find the optimal spatial solution-competently to plan relief, to develop comfortable scheme of the movement to create a composition from plants, highlight all the pros of the plot, and hide or minimize the cons. It is important to organically fit into the landscape objects such as barbecue, garage, gazebo, an artificial reservoir, etc.
An integral part of the landscape plan seating. Trees and bushes create compositional basis. Their complement perennials and annuals become element final flowers changing from season to season, we create new, unique look.
To work with the landscape, we do not forget about functionality. The system of automatic watering, lighting, a comfortable kompostnij yard-all at the request of the customer can be included in the project.
Landscape design, this is not necessarily the courtyard of his house in the country, it may be a small courtyard in the big city and the terrace or roof in an apartment and even the Orangerie in the Office or restaurant.


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Vertical gardening

Not necessarily have a big garden to create a good landscape design. The plants can be planted vertically on a wall or supporting structure. They serve as decoration for walls, fencing, facades. Vertical gardening can be used in both exterior and Interior. Plants used for ekster’êrnogo of vertical gardening, allow you to hide the flaws of construction zadekoruvati unsightly buildings hold dust and reduce the noise level. Examples of simple vertical gardening known us since childhood is Ivy or girlish grapes on the façade, or fences.

Green roof

Lately technology arrangement plant roofs became very popular. A green roof is a multi-level roofing “pie”, which can be grown simple beautiful lawns or even smash a real garden. Today, the green roof is equipped with their own hands, not only on the roof of a private house in rural areas but also in urban high-rise buildings are.

The base architecture is not concrete and steel, and the elements that make up the frame. Its basis is a mira
Daniel Libeskind
“Design – it’s true love and beauty and, most importantly, an indicator of whether a business sensational strategy or approach is the same as in all others.”
Kyell Nordstrom.