The design is a creative area of our work, the task of which is to unify into a coherent whole the functionality and aesthetics of the object of the work. This object can be anything-a fixture, faucet, sink, slìl or Chair, mirror, etc.
In a layered design it is important to find a balance between the appearance of the subject and how it will be used. The appearance of the subject is aged in a specific style. This style is closely associated with materials which will be executed.


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The combination of materials

Materials in the design of building influence its identity. Some materials emphasize the contemporary interiors, others are modern, and in each of them they play an important role. It should be remembered that only the material, even the most expensive and luxurious, no guarantee of achieving the desired effect. In order for it to become the decoration of the Interior, need to find harmony in its use.

The importance of details in the Interior

Architecture – numb music.
I.V. Gete
Good design consistent, down to the smallest detail.
Dіter Rams, designer.